GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Streaming Video Your in your Goggles

GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Streaming Video in your in your Goggles

 You understand these where individuals and Knowledge Jump - type as similar to Arnie in the Terminator movies or even in the Predator movies? Well, the future near future is here. Canadian technology company based Recon Instruments Inc. has developed promotes be a set of GPS ski goggles that provide real-time navigation information, such as including speed, distance, altitude, and, of course , location. Information is considered on of a micro liquid crystal display in a ?? within a in the module that can be snapped into goggles and helmets.

According In accordance with Articles and, GPS module will include should include:

� integrated maps and contact follow-up, so you always know where your friends and family your family and friends are on the slopes.
� Bluetooth smartphone integration and video, you can to help you access your music, receive calls and text messages texting and use the glasses as being a viewfinder for the camera.
� Capabilities to stream videos with friends and look and respective views on the about the mountain.
� The ability to share information such as including statistics, maps and routes via the Recon Online social networks .

To achieve all this, the glasses, called Transcend, use uses make use of Android OS from Google. Android also will even allow developers to create to produce , which means which means that skiing could soon be secondary to to all or part on completely on the tracks.

 These tools also useful for families on a ski vacation. Many parents worry hit the slopes while leaving their children their children to fend for themselves in ski classes. Driving a car is that once children are youth are let loose on the mountain side can get lost or get hurt and no we know where they are they can be.

As a result, ski resorts worldwide bought in flaik (pronounced flake), specially designed for ski instructors and . A flaik, your size of a deck of cards, is attached to chained by the leg of a student and acts as a provides a , leaving the instructor reached are at any time. If students walk on of far limits, the instructor is alerted and students are summoned or back .

The systems are programmable so instructors can set predetermined limits according to the skill level of the class . One additional benefit is that flaik would it records information, so students can log on to visit go the website and see how they they have and measure their progress.

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